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The old advice... "Work hard. Focus on your strengths. Stick to it."
can only take you so far in business and life.

If you want more of the good things life has to offer - more success at work, more passion, more meaning, more relationships - and want to get your life to the next level, you need some new...

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As a Certified High Performance Coach, I am trained in a science-based curriculum that helps you reach your next level of performance and potential in your personal and professional life, whilst maintaining well-being and positive relationships.

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What Makes High Performance Coaching Different? 

1. Science-based curriculum.
2. Every session has a clear outcome.
3. Challenge-based, forward-looking approach.
4. Practical tools and habits for day-to-day life.

*Research by the High Performance Institute found:
* High Performance feels like full engagement, joy and confidence from giving your absolute best.
*High Performance is NOT strongly correlated with age, gender, nationality, intelligence, personality, strengths, years of experience or compensation.


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What Clients Have Shared...

"I found Sabina to be both warm and supportive as she coached me through a challenging influence situation I was facing. She skillfully pushed and empowered me to generate powerful new approaches for successfully dealing with the situation. Sabina truly cares about making a difference in the lives of others and certainly made a difference in mine!"

Business Owner

"Sabina’s coaching really helped me to see where I needed to take inspired action to move my business forward. The process she used really helped me achieve lasting and consistent levels of clarity. She has the latest strategies to break through to this next level of achievement. If you want someone who is professional, energetic and inspiring, Sabina is your coach."


"Sabina is a wonderful person, a bright and motivational spirit and a highly effective life coach. She is organized, driven, professional, insightful and truly has the client's best interest at heart and in mind at all times. She is a joy to work with and I highly recommend her coaching program. She is truly passionate about helping women achieve their goals and build their legacy."

Fine Artist

"Sabina has a keen sense of how to empower women to take courage dealing with cultural imprint. Whilst we talked about courage, Sabina helped me generate my own solutions and provided strategies that empowered my decision. I highly recommend working with her."

Director, Cypress Clinic

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