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I deeply believe we are ROLE MODELS on a day to day basis.

It is our responsibility and opportunity to step into it and be the role model for OURSELVES, our LOVED ONES, TEAM MATES, COMMUNITY, and the WORLD.

From a small town in Germany via England to the Big Apple: I made my dream come true to live and work in New York. I have achieved multiple milestones in my personal and professional life by taking command of my agenda, advocating with generosity, and amplifying my voice. 

My mission is to help YOU LEAD YOURSELF, LEAD OTHERS, and LEAD CHANGE so that you can be the role model and ultimately create the life and legacy you desire - starting today!

It’s YOUR time. Let’s crush it together!


My commitment to your growth

Personal Leadership Training

Bring personal leadership into your day to day life with our Everyday Role Model framework.

High Performance Coaching

Experience what's possible when you implement high-performance habits and mindsets in your day to day life. 

International Mentoring Community

Use your culture and values as guiding light for challenges and opportunities.

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Tracy, CEO

I found Sabina to be both warm and supportive as she coached me through a challenging influence situation. She skillfully pushed and empowered me to generate powerful new approaches for successfully dealing with the situation. Sabina truly cares about making a difference in the lives of others and certainly made a difference in mine!

James, Business Owner

Sabina’s coaching really helped me to take inspired action to move my business forward. The process she used really helped me achieve lasting and consistent levels of clarity. She has the latest strategies to break through to this next level of achievement. If you want someone who is professional, energetic and inspiring, Sabina is your coach. 

Debi, Clinical Director

Sabina has a keen sense of how to empower women to take courage dealing with cultural imprint. Whilst we talked about courage, Sabina helped me generate my own solutions and provided strategies that empowered my decision. I highly recommend working with her.

More about me...

My breakthrough strategies empower, educate and elevate professionals in the corporate world to handle transitions effectively, redefine their way of thinking, and achieve previously unattainable success.

I'm an elite Certified High Performance Coach™. Clients around the globe have used my coaching method to scale the career ladder and create the life they love.

I have two decades experience in the financial services and professional services industry, covering a variety of areas including Leadership Development, Human Resources, Change Management, and Technology.

After earning my degree in International Business, I started my global career in Frankfurt. I then relocated to London in 2011 and to New York in 2014, fulfilling one of my biggest life dreams. 

In my down time I enjoy traveling with family and friends, working out and reading personal development books.