Meaningful Work and Courage

The topic of our brunch mixer I hosted was “Meaningful Work & Courage: Contribute your talents in a meaningful way and act courageously in chasing your dreams”. 

When I get asked: “How do I gain more courage in my life?” I always tell people the answer lies not only in moments of crises when we have to step up but in HOW WE LIVE our lives EACH DAY. 

My MISSION of our events are (1) to bring selected individuals together, who care about their personal growth and (2) to BUILD a COMMUNITY OF ROLE MODELS, who lift each other up. 

Blown away by the creativity and courage of our wonderful participants, I want to share a few stories: 

  • One of our participants had been working for the same company for a long period of time, living a comfortable life. However, she was really interested in a specific form of data modeling. She started looking for new opportunities and quickly got a job offer, even though she didn’t have any experience in her new area of interest. Her story shows that when you take courageous action to pursue something you’re passionate about, you can live a more fulfilled life.
  • Another participant was in-between jobs and had to wait for his visa to come through. He stepped outside his comfort zone, attended different meetups (as simple as “best taco meetup”) to expand his network. He started volunteering for charities and came up with different ideas on how to help companies grow. He once emailed a CEO a proposal on how to expand his business, only to find his phone ringing a few days later to receive an invite to meet with the company’s top sales leader. His story shows that you can find simple ways to contribute and build courage every day.
  • Another participant shared her experience in reaching out to thought leaders via LinkedIn to strategically plan her next career move. She mentioned how after business school she followed the traditional career path and built her reputation as a strong business builder. She spends a lot of time building new skills and behaviors, since the skills and behaviors that got her to where she is today aren’t necessarily getting her to her next level. Her story is a great example of how you can use courage to work on your personal growth. 

We ended the brunch with practical ways how we can all support each other. We arrived as strangers and left as role models for each other. I’m proud to say: “Mission accomplished!” 



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