Meet Paula

Hi, my name is Paula (boomer). In 2016, I left a two-decade career in investment banking to follow my dream of being a catalyst for others to propel themselves in the direction of becoming their best selves. I founded Celestial Strategy that offers High Performance Coaching, Kundalini Yoga and Energy healing to support others to boldly, vulnerably and courageously embody life and new experiences. We can overcome our own suffering by believing that we are enough, being grateful and taking responsibility for using and sharing our gifts to create happiness.

Who has been your role model?

From a very young age, I idolized my older sister Emer. l was thrilled and proud to have an older sister who was joyful, accepting, balanced, driven, creative, funny and stylish. As a teenager, she was a go-getter working at weekends to gain independence and freedom to buy herself beautiful jewelry and clothes. Over the years, Emer has modeled what it is to be a loving wife, a successful career woman and a strong compassionate matriarch for her three beautiful children.  She is a natural giver who took care of me during a period of illness in my twenties while she was raising a young family and managing a successful career in television.  She devotedly cared for our mother, Lily, through her long journey with Alzheimer. Her patience and loving kindness have truly been an inspiration for me. 

With tenacity, she fulfilled her own dreams taking the step to return to college as a mature student, at the same time her oldest son, Conor, was starting his college career.  She serves as a therapist and volunteer in the local community and continuously develops her skills. She understands the need to nurture her own passions and to care for herself.  As an example, she continues to paint and displays her work at art shows. She loves to travel with her family and independently. She savors the simple moments in life. Her pragmatic down to earth approach and sense of humor has carried me through many challenging times in my life. She encourages me and makes me feel like a better version of myself.

Who have you been a role model to?

My willingness to make bold and courageous moves in my life has served as an inspiration to many people to follow their own dreams fearlessly. At 21, I traveled to Greece and Europe where I experienced other cultures and learned to be more independent. I left the security of my home in Dublin at the age of 30, with barely enough money for a deposit on a Manhattan apartment and landed a job in investment banking within weeks.  While I was on Wall Street, I was a leader in advocating for a culture that values and empowers employees, especially equal pay and promotion opportunities for women. I was never afraid to ask for compensation that was I deserved and that commensurate with the men on the management team. I was fulfilled by coaching and mentoring younger women and working as a volunteer.

Recently, I went through a major transition in my personal life when my marriage of 19 years came to an end while also transitioning my professional life to start my own High Performance coaching, yoga and healing platform.  I believe that being surrounded by the people you love is the most important experience in life.  I have consciously created a happy, exciting and peaceful life where I can share my gifts and experiences to support others connecting to their life’s purpose. My willingness to continuously transform my life and chase my dreams serves as inspiration for my family, friends, and clients.


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