Role Model Wisdom #1

Are you ready to end 2020 in the best possible way? 

This Role Model Wisdom is dedicated to help you do just that.  Discover practical tips on being a role model on a day-to-day basis, whilst taking good care of yourself ❤️.

Enjoy,  Sabina


Lead yourself:

"Many of us are feeling stressed out right now, and not just from this pandemic. While it’s critical that employers provide mental health resources, it’s equally important for you to know the steps you can take..." 

Make mental health your #1 priority 

Lead others:

"Caring is counterproductive when helping others becomes a means to avoid or self-medicate your pain. If you’re focused on taking care of someone else, you don’t have to think about your burdens..."

The danger in caring too much: 6 steps to avoid compassion burnout

Lead change:

"Being a leader requires confidence, decisiveness, and quick thinking--none of which are served by overthinking every decision or worrying about every move you make..."

11 mental tricks to stop overthinking everything 

Your growth bonus: 

Evening Routine Tips for everyday Role Models

Your challenge for this week:

Try one new thing in your evening routine to improve your sleep. 


Want guidance or a boost in any of these areas?

I'm dedicated to finding simple ways for you to be a role model on a day-to-day basis - a role model for yourself, others and the change you want to see in this world. Please message me if you want guidance or a boost in any of these areas. 

Big virtual hug,


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