Role Model Wisdom #3


Happy Sunday!

Here's your Role Model Wisdom with practical tips on being a role model for yourself, others, and the change you want to see in this world. 

Enjoy,  Sabina


Your growth bonus: 

Self-Care escape to Vermont

Your challenge for this week:

Take some self-care. 

Lead yourself:

"Seven ways to retrain your brain to fight fear."

Yes, you can feel safe in a scary world

Lead others:

"When employees don't have the freedom to speak up, organization's lose mindshare and early awareness of risks."

Create psychological safety at work in a knowledge economy

Lead change:

"Combatting loneliness techniques that work whether you're starting your first job or leading a massive global team."

How to combat loneliness

Inspirational quote:

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other."

- John F. Kennedy


Want guidance or a boost in any of these areas?

I'm dedicated to finding simple ways for you to be a role model on a day-to-day basis 🚀.

Please message me if I can support you in any way to lead yourself, lead others or lead the change you want to see in this wonderful world. 

Big virtual hug,

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