Role Model Wisdom #5


Two months left to rock 2020. Here's your Role Model Wisdom with practical tips on being a role model for yourself, others, and the change you want to see in this world. 

Lead yourself:

Seven insights from folks in their 80s/90s and beyond on how to live a fulfilling, healthy life. 

7 Secrets to living a long, fulfilling life, according to people in their 80s, 90s, and 100s

Lead others:

The journey towards great leadership continues your whole life. Ask yourself some tough questions to raise your own bar. 

If you say yes to any of these 3 questions, your leadership skills are way better than those of most managers

Lead change:

Ruth Bader Ginsberg is one of the great role models of our time. She changed the way the world is for American women today by fighting for equal rights. She found clever ways to appeal to the courts, showing how gender discrimination hurts men as well as women. Watch the documentary trailer for quick inspiration. 

RBG - official trailer

Your growth bonus:  

3 lessons we can learn from RBG

Your challenge for this week:

Allocate your time to what matters to you most. Focus your time, energy, heart and mind on it this week. 

Inspirational quote:

A winner is a dreamer who never gives up. – Nelson Mandela

Need new strategies?

I'm dedicated to finding simple ways for you to be a role model on a day-to-day basis. Please message me if you could use some new strategies. I'm here for you. 

Big virtual hug,

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