Meet Sue

#leader #mentoring Apr 22, 2018

As female principal Sue was breaking into the old boy's network. Sue had many male and female mentors along the way and says that your role models don’t all have to have the same sex as you.

In our interview, Sue is sharing how she early on figured out where the leaders were and how to become one.

“We are always role models!” People are always watching and you want to model that you have a value system in your DNA.

Sue changed careers and became the leading expert and author of Clear your Clutter.

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Meet Amy


Amy explored different roles after college until she found the career she loves. Working in Higher Education, Amy's passion is to provide financial opportunities to students, who are often the first in their families to go to college. 

Following in her Role Model's footsteps...

Blessed with having strong role models around her, Amy's learned so much from her role model Kim. For example, how she taught underrepresented students skills that would make them successful beyond college. 

Being a Role Model...

"We always have to act as though we are a role model, because we don't know who is looking up to us!" For Amy, it comes down to character and being who you are - consistently.  

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#curious #impact Dec 17, 2017

Find your Role Models in everyday life. They are right around us. 

Sabina found a new role model by following Dale Carnegie's principle of "being genuinely interested in other people". You never know who you meet and how this person impacts you. 

Have you ever met somebody amazing totally unexpectedly?

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#contribute #thrive Dec 11, 2017

Kait is role modeling that we can all contribute to the world in a positive way. With empathy and curiosity we can make friends around the world. 

Living in different countries has given Kait the trust in herself to figure things out and to thrive. Kait's advice is to draw on that and think about:

"What are the challenges I'm facing and how can I use these to empower myself and take on even greater challenges?"

What challenges did you overcome that empower you....


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Meet Kait Part 1


Kait's created her successful career by thinking through how she wants to impact the world and at the same time by being open to new influences in her life. She spent time in Burkina Faso and currently works in management consulting. 

Following in her Role Model's footsteps...

Kait's long-time role model has this infectious enthusiasm, that mobilizes others to work with her in creating the change in the world that she wants to see.

Part 2

In the next video we will hear about Kait's experience in Burkina Faso and how this helped her in being the role model she is today. 


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Meet Dawn Part 2


In the second part of the interview Dawn talks about the benefits of having role models in her life and the power of creating a vision-board for herself & her business. 

Dawn's piece of advice: Have a vision of where you want to go and seek out others - role models - who have done it before you. "When you have that passion and you put your heart and soul into it, you're going to make the world better!"

Question for you: Like Dawn, have you ever experienced that when you put your mission out there, you attract people who support you? [comment below]

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Meet Dawn Part 1

#entrepreneur #passion Nov 20, 2017

Learn all about Dawn's journey of creating the life she loves.

Dawn left the corporate world to build a thriving business she is passionate about. 

Being a Role Model 

Dawn talks about how moods are contagious and gives an example of how she turned a situation around by pausing - breathing - stretching and setting intention, so she could be the role model she wanted to be. 

Part 2

In the next video we will learn all about Dawn's role models and the power of vision boards. 

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Meet Paula

Hi, my name is Paula (boomer). In 2016, I left a two-decade career in investment banking to follow my dream of being a catalyst for others to propel themselves in the direction of becoming their best selves. I founded Celestial Strategy that offers High Performance Coaching, Kundalini Yoga and Energy healing to support others to boldly, vulnerably and courageously embody life and new experiences. We can overcome our own suffering by believing that we are enough, being grateful and taking responsibility for using and sharing our gifts to create happiness.

Who has been your role model?

From a very young age, I idolized my older sister Emer. l was thrilled and proud to have an older sister who was joyful, accepting, balanced, driven, creative, funny and stylish. As a teenager, she was a go-getter working at weekends to gain independence and freedom to buy herself beautiful jewelry and clothes. Over the years, Emer has modeled what it is to be a loving wife, a successful career...

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Meet Sabina

Hi everyone, I’m Sabina Reinhardt, founder and owner of Rocketing Life and Rocketing Role Models, living in my favorite place: New York City. I launched Rocketing Role Models since creating a community where we, as women, can share our stories and build each other up is very close to my heart. I truly believe we are all role models on a day to day basis. With our actions and behaviors, we set examples for others to follow in our footsteps. 

On my blog I’m asking two simple questions: 1) Who has been your role model? and 2) Who have you been a role model to? Generally, the first question is easier to answer, when you think of certain qualities, traits or habits you admire in other people. [I invite you to think about how you’ve applied your role model’s qualities in your life…] My intention with the second question is to get you thinking about what you’ve accomplished and how you’ve impacted others. No matter how small it seems to you,...

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Meet Larissa

Hi, my name is Larissa! I’m a millennial High Performance Coach and Success Strategist in the United States who focuses on helping entrepreneurs reach their highest potential in all that they do in both life and business. My hobbies are traveling both domestically and internationally (I travel full-time and I don’t have a home base!), trying new cuisines (I’m a major foodie!), and spending time with the people who matter most to me. My motto in life is to lead by design as I am all about lifestyle design. My husband and I have set up our businesses in such a way that they are nearly 100% outsourced and automated, which allows us to “work” only on the things that we’re truly passionate about.

I’ve developed a love and passion for leadership and training through my experience in owning an eCommerce business alongside my husband. I attribute most of my success to engrossing myself in personal development all throughout my career. Because I...

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