Are these habits getting in your way

#allies Oct 22, 2018
Imagine the energy when you put 10,000 women in one room… The Pennsylvania Conference for Women hosted 10,000 guests and 100 speakers for one day! 

One panel discussion was about habits that may get in your way of moving to your next level. The higher you get in organizations, the more likely you need to adopt new habits and behaviors vs just adding more skills. 

Neuroscience shows that you can rewire your brain to support new habits and thought patterns. You have to be willing to repeat them until your brain gets comfortable with them. 
3 HABITS that often GET IN THE WAY of women rising to their next level and what you can do to FLIP them:  
1. Overvaluing expertise  
Being an expert in your field is great, but it’s not everything to get you to your next level. Understandably, it might be more comfortable to keep your head down hoping that others will notice your contributions. 
Flip it: Rather than...
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