Meet Betsy

Hi, my name is Betsy.  I’m a Millennial that works as a Certified Health and High Performance Coach in the United States. I am an entrepreneur, speaker, scientist, educator, environmentalist and humanitarian.  I am passionate about combining my skills and talents to support those that are actively working towards making this world a better place.  Whether through mentoring, speaking, coaching, or getting involved in volunteerism, my life’s purpose is to inspire others to give and live their full potential. 

Who has been your role model?

A huge role model in my life has been Ellen Degeneres.  I was first drawn to her light-heartedness and her ability to always make me laugh through her role as a comedian.  Then, as I followed her career on her daytime talk show “The Ellen Show”, I realized that she stands for so many of the qualities that I look up to in others: kindness, joy, love, equality, compassion, consideration, courage,...

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