Meaningful Work and Courage

#courage Oct 28, 2018

The topic of our brunch mixer I hosted was “Meaningful Work & Courage: Contribute your talents in a meaningful way and act courageously in chasing your dreams”. 

When I get asked: “How do I gain more courage in my life?” I always tell people the answer lies not only in moments of crises when we have to step up but in HOW WE LIVE our lives EACH DAY. 

My MISSION of our events are (1) to bring selected individuals together, who care about their personal growth and (2) to BUILD a COMMUNITY OF ROLE MODELS, who lift each other up. 

Blown away by the creativity and courage of our wonderful participants, I want to share a few stories: 

  • One of our participants had been working for the same company for a long period of time, living a comfortable life. However, she was really interested in a specific form of data modeling. She started looking for new opportunities and quickly got a job offer, even though she didn’t...
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