Meet Paula

Hi, my name is Paula (boomer). In 2016, I left a two-decade career in investment banking to follow my dream of being a catalyst for others to propel themselves in the direction of becoming their best selves. I founded Celestial Strategy that offers High Performance Coaching, Kundalini Yoga and Energy healing to support others to boldly, vulnerably and courageously embody life and new experiences. We can overcome our own suffering by believing that we are enough, being grateful and taking responsibility for using and sharing our gifts to create happiness.

Who has been your role model?

From a very young age, I idolized my older sister Emer. l was thrilled and proud to have an older sister who was joyful, accepting, balanced, driven, creative, funny and stylish. As a teenager, she was a go-getter working at weekends to gain independence and freedom to buy herself beautiful jewelry and clothes. Over the years, Emer has modeled what it is to be a loving wife, a successful career...

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