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Meet Ling

Hi, my name is Ling, Gen Xer usually working in the IT field. Although I spend free time on a variety of interests I am most passionate about food and travel. I am currently on a break from working and have indulged my dream of a world tour (or as many places as I can explore on this trip).

Who has been your role model?

My mother and sister inspire me in their commitment to providing for our family and making the most out of life despite circumstances. In general, women who have struggled against difficult situations and odds to overcome and succeed are my role models; whether they are famous like Oprah Winfrey or people I am lucky to have in my life. These friends usually have a common immigrant or minority background.

Who have you been a role model to?

Although colleagues at work have complimented me in the past, the most prevalent comments I receive (especially of late) are those related to my decision to start traveling on my own full time. Reactions to my plan range from inspired, in awe, envy, disbelief to admiration. I tell people to travel as much as possible. In particular, I encourage females to travel alone at least once in their lives. Previous to my round the world trip, I have had conversations with young women who said that my travel stories and bravery inspired them to start their own trips. I am uncomfortable with compliments but even I have to admit that travel does require a certain amount of courage let alone doing it full time as a single. Leaving behind all that is safe, secure; a relatively easy life for lands not familiar and distant is tough but I do believe most people have it in them to accomplish. I am not a seasoned traveler by any means. I am still learning, making mistakes, getting out of my comfort zone on a daily basis. Comments on social media include “You are my hero”,...

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