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Have you ever wondered how women make their dreams come true? How they become successful and do it all?

Every day women achieve goals, excel at their jobs, work hard, negotiate, volunteer, rise to the challenge, raise kids, take care of family, advice friends, do housework, and so on.  Women hold roles as leaders, legacy builders, managers, mothers, daughters, friends, and so forth.

Rocketing Life shines the spotlight on women and shows that you don’t have to be superwoman or a celebrity to be a role model.  By sharing your story you set examples and demonstrate behaviors that help others follow in your footsteps.

We will challenge you to be that role model, to own that responsibility, and opportunity.  Not only will it help you make better decisions, it will also inspire women around you and spark courageous conversations.

Get involved and enrich the community by…

  1. Sharing your role model story 
  2. Commenting on fellow role model stories
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