Meet Sabina

Hi everyone, I’m Sabina Reinhardt, founder and owner of Rocketing Life and Rocketing Role Models, living in my favorite place: New York City. I launched Rocketing Role Models since creating a community where we, as women, can share our stories and build each other up is very close to my heart. I truly believe we are all role models on a day to day basis. With our actions and behaviors, we set examples for others to follow in our footsteps. 

On my blog I’m asking two simple questions: 1) Who has been your role model? and 2) Who have you been a role model to? Generally, the first question is easier to answer, when you think of certain qualities, traits or habits you admire in other people. [I invite you to think about how you’ve applied your role model’s qualities in your life…] My intention with the second question is to get you thinking about what you’ve accomplished and how you’ve impacted others. No matter how small it seems to you,...

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