Meet Dawn Part 1

#entrepreneur #passion Nov 20, 2017

Learn all about Dawn's journey of creating the life she loves.

Dawn left the corporate world to build a thriving business she is passionate about. 

Being a Role Model 

Dawn talks about how moods are contagious and gives an example of how she turned a situation around by pausing - breathing - stretching and setting intention, so she could be the role model she wanted to be. 

Part 2

In the next video we will learn all about Dawn's role models and the power of vision boards. 

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Meet Kara

Hi, my name is Kara, I’m a Sommelier and I work in the wine industry in the United States.  I’m a millennial.  My hobbies are connecting with others; book clubs, running, traveling, studying wine, and enjoying good food and wine with friends. I’m most passionate about bringing positive energy to the world.  With this overall passion, I find everything in life seems to feel a bit richer and more meaningful.  I use wine, running, and traveling to create and spread that energy.  These are the things that I am most passionate about.  When I can share them with others, that’s when I feel I am most successful in life. 

 Who has been your role model?

The most important role model in my life is undoubtedly my mother.  More than anyone in life, I feel like she never stops believing in me.  Growing up, my most precious memories include my mom.  Laughter was such a huge part of my life as a child.  No one...

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