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Brian Smith, founder of UGG Boots

A few weeks ago, I was fortunate to meet Brian Smith, founder of UGG Boots. His story about entrepreneurship and growing his business really hit home. Often times we only see the glamorous side of success, but forget what it takes to get there. And even when Brian sold his company for millions, he didn’t feel successful. Most people feel there’s always something more we could’ve done or should’ve done, and don’t spend enough time looking at what we have achieved to be where we are today.

Have a vision

For Brian it all started with his vision: “To provide comfortable footwear to active people who have a passion for doing things they love.”

Having a vision is so important, not only to keep yourself moving forward but also to bring other people onboard. Personally, I love asking the question: What do you truly care about? What is it you’re so passionate about, that if I wake you up in the middle of your night, you would say, let’s go do that…?  

Turn disappointment around

Brian was saying how his greatest disappointments often became his greatest blessings. When something goes wrong, he goes: “Damn, that’s good” and thinks about what good comes out of it.

As you make choices every day, you might get disappointed by the outcome. In these situations, try to look for the lessons. What is it that you can take away from that situation? And you come up with ideas or solutions that you otherwise wouldn’t have thought about.

Keep persisting

Brian founded UGG Imports with $500 of start-up money. He was telling the story of a challenging time building his business. He was lying on his living room floor watching TV. After the movie ended he was crawling on the floor over to his bedroom, when his wife yelled at him to get up. This was a big...

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