Meet Susan

#animallovers #rescuedogs Aug 27, 2017

My name is Susan (Gen Xer). I work in Financial Services in the US. My hobbies are gourmet cooking and reading, and I’m most passionate about rescuing dogs.

Who has been your role model?

My previous manager is a role model to me. She is an expert in her field and an excellent communicator. It didn’t matter if she held big town halls or small meetings, she would always command the room and speak in a way that everyone could relate to. She broke down complicated topics into basics and educated in an inspiring manner. I also like how un-bureaucratic she was and how she would make it a priority to develop people. She led a big organization and was a role model to many.

My favorite role model of Walt Disney. His story is really impressive. Coming from a simple background he worked his way up. Early on he discovered his passion for drawing and photography. He acquired his studio but soon had to declare bankruptcy. He moved to Hollywood with his brother and created a cartoon...

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