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Meet Leann

My name is Leann, I’m a millennial (I do NOT fit the stereotype, I promise!) working as a middle school language arts teacher in Elizabeth, NJ, in the good ole’ US of A. My hobbies include taking barre classes (not drinking, but exercising), singing when no one can hear me, and dancing like no one is watching.  I’m most passionate about making a difference in lives of those who need a silver lining of hope. Since I was in grade school, I knew I wanted to become an educator and mold the young minds of our future to ensure success in our world, one child at a time. I knew challenges would be in store, but I had no idea just how difficult this task would be. Nevertheless, I rise to those challenges every day, even if it only makes a difference in one student. This is my 6th year teaching in an inner city and it does not become any easier. There are so many moments where I don’t think I can go on, but then I see the faces of my students. They may not have the best grades or attitudes, but they are known for having amazing attendance. That says something; that says they come to school as a safe-haven, as an escape from the violent urban living they must endure every day. When I learn their stories, I know I must keep moving forward with them because too often they feel abandoned. I WILL NOT be the one who left them behind. While I do not see myself in the classroom for my entire career, I do see myself working in some form of advocacy, whether it be a non-profit for education, or another organization supporting LGBTQ communities, refugees, battling world hunger and saving animals.

Who has been your role model?

In my life, there are several women who I may not openly discuss my admirations, but it is obvious and evident I look up to their successes and even their struggles. One woman I must...

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