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Meet Bibi

Hi, I’m Bibi, millennial, singer and actress based in Germany. I have a band with my siblings called "CasterSugar". We do acoustic cover versions of different kinds of music. I love music, singing, playing shows and attending concerts. I love to play different roles and characters on stage to put a smile on people's faces or a tear in their eyes. Drawing and writing are two of my hobbies as well. Art in general is something I really find important and powerful in so many ways, for example to transport emotions and messages such as encouraging others.

Who has been your role model?

Women of my family such as my Mum, Sister, Cousin, Aunt, Perrie Edwards (Little Mix) and Jesy Nelson (Little Mix).

My mum has always been a role model to me. She's such an optimistic person, full of joy, positive energy and positive thoughts. As a mum it was important for her that her children trust her. I always knew and still know that I can talk to her about everything! She tries to help me in every way she can. She supports me whenever needed and is always there for me. When I have kids, I hope they will trust me as much as I trust my mum. 

Jasmin, my sister, is a role model to me, even though she's 2.5 years younger than me. This shows being a role model and inspiring people is NOT a matter of age! She is such a strong, independent, confident woman, knows exactly what she wants/doesn't want and, most importantly, stands up for it. She's always there for me in her own special way. As a performer, I learned a lot from her, too. Her voice and appearance on stage helped me to become a better singer and actress. I saw her develop from a shy girl into a confident, beautiful woman. A role model for many young girls! 

Sabina is a role model to me in so many ways. My cousin is a woman, who stands up for not only herself but all...

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