Meet Chinmoyi

Hi, my name is Chinmoyi, I’m a millennial studying Computer Science at Rutgers University New Jersey in the United States. I really like learning about ancient Egyptian mythology, I write poems and color for fun (yes very unlike your stereotypical computer scientist). I enjoy the sun, but I love the snow with the city lights and that is why New York City is my favorite place in the world!

I realized my passion for promoting women in technology only after I joined the women in Computer Science group at my University. It took me a couple of higher level CS courses and a few conferences to realize how the field of technology/engineering has very little women! While transferring to Rutgers, the then president for Women in Computer Science, Jasmine, helped me a lot in advising which classes to take, where to find other campus resources and encouraged me to join women in CS (shout-out to Jasmine)! Due to her encouragement and support, I have led the annual women centric 24-hour...

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