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Sabina Reinhardt, Founder of Rocketing Life LLC 

Sabina's breakthrough strategies empower, educate and elevate professional women in the corporate sector as well business owners and entrepreneurs to handle transitions effectively, redefine their way of thinking, and achieve previously unattainable success.

Sabina has created a revolutionary approach for clients to become their best ambassador, align strategic advocates and create their own blueprint for success. Clients around the globe have used her proprietary 3-tiered advocacy model to scale the career ladder and create the life they love.

Sabina has 15 years experience in the financial services industry, covering a variety of areas incl. Talent Development, Compliance, and Technology. After earning her degree in International Business, she started her global career in her home town of Frankfurt. She then relocated to London in 2011 and to New York in 2014, fulfilling one of her biggest life dreams. In her down time she enjoys traveling with her family and friends. 


Sabina with her mentor Brendon Burchard, Founder & CEO High Performance Institute

Sabina's story 

My International Business studies brought me from my small, idyllic home town in Germany to the most fascinating city - New York! I was hooked by the city’s energy, countless opportunities and diversity.  It gave me the feeling that I can become anything I want! At that moment, a dream was born: I want to be part of NYC! After earning my degree in International Business, I started my career in my home town of Frankfurt.  From there I was presented the opportunity to take a lead role in London, where I didn’t know anybody personally or professionally.  Whilst in London, I thrived in the challenges.  I built my new support network from scratch and scaled the career ladder.  The greatest learning for me was not to be afraid of asking for help, and believing in myself.  When I encountered a major personal setback, I got back up on my feet with the help of family and friends.  Their encouragement not to give up on my dream gave me strength to keep going.  I strategically cultivated job opportunities, one of which brought me to Wall Street, New York City.  

Over the years, I have often been approached to share my story of how I became a multi-country expat, scaling the career ladder across multiple disciplines of financial services.  Sharing my story encouraged, inspired, and offered a way forward to many.  It has always brought me great joy to help women succeed and to bring like-minded individuals together so they can accelerate by advocating for each other.  

Every day I am living into my mission to equip everyday role models.


Founder Rocketing Life LLC

Email: [email protected] 

Int'l Office: +1 201 340 0980 



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