About Me

Sabina Reinhardt, Founder of Rocketing Life LLC 

Sabina's breakthrough strategies empower, educate and elevate professionals in the corporate world and business owners to handle transitions effectively, redefine their way of thinking, and achieve previously unattainable success.
Sabina is one of 200 elite Certified High Performance Coaches™ in the world. Clients around the globe have used her coaching method to scale the career ladder and create the life they love.
Sabina has 16 years experience in the financial services and professional services industry, covering a variety of areas incl. Talent Development, Human Resources, Change Management, and Technology. After earning her degree in International Business, she started her global career in her home town of Frankfurt. She then relocated to London in 2011 and to New York in 2014, fulfilling one of her biggest life dreams. In her down time she enjoys traveling with her family and friends. 


Sabina with her mentor Brendon Burchard, Founder & CEO of the High Performance Institute 

Sabina will teach you:
  • How the world's most accomplished and influential people think
  • Why you’ve been so exhausted (and what to do about it immediately)
  • How to define your purpose, get rid of distraction, and finally gain momentum in life
She will coach you to implement simple principles to better master your mind, body, and ability to be more productive and persuasive. 
She will give you the exact strategies and questions the world's most accomplished people use to manage their emotions, schedule their days, persuade others, and keep their passions and purpose clear and alive. Knowing these will transform your life! 

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