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Hi, I'm Sabina, Founder & CEO of Rocketing Life LLC 

About my journey…

My International Business studies brought me from my small, idyllic home town in Germany to the most fascinating city - New York! I was hooked by the city’s energy, countless opportunities, diversity, and its multicultural society.  It gave me the feeling that I can become anything I want! At that moment, a dream was born: I want to be part of NYC! Having started my career in financial services in Germany, I established myself in the business world.  During my professional journey, I was presented with an opportunity to pursue a role in London, and step outside my comfort zone.  I took the role without knowing anyone in the office, city, or country.  While in London, I thrived in the personal and professional challenges.  I built a new support network and grew in my role with the aim of realizing my dream.  The greatest learning for me was not to be afraid of asking for help, and believing in myself.  When I encountered a major personal setback, I got back up on my feet with the help of family and friends.  Their encouragement not to give up on my dream gave me strength to continue to pursue my goals.  I systematically, patiently, and consistently cultivated job opportunities, one of which brought me to Wall Street, the toughest place in New York City.  

Over the years, I have often been approached to share my story of how I became a multi-country expat.  To relate my experience working in multiple disciplines of financial services, and how I managed to get these different opportunities.  I came to realze that the simple act of sharing my story encouraged, inspired, and offered a way forward to many.  Through telling my story, I also realized that I achieved important life goals.  That no matter what, I always found the strength to keep going since my family had sent me off with the quote: “A ship in harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for” (J. Shedd).

About my female Role Models Community…

Along the way, women’s success stories have been a source of inspiration that helped me grow, together with the advice I got from people I trusted and those who were role models to me.  The multi-cultural connections I made have helped to shape me into the person I am today.  It has always brought me great joy to bring like-minded individuals together, to see them benefit and thrive from sharing their experience.  Bringing the different elements together led me to launch my community, where women can share their inspiring role model stories, create new opportunities, empower each other and celebrate successes. 

About my mentoring and coaching passion…

Passionate about personal development, I naturally grew into mentoring others, formally and informally.  As a key founding member of our employee resource group’s mentoring program, I enjoyed spearheading the implementation of a matching tool that brings together mentors and mentees based on internally defined success criteria.  To date, this tool is the cornerstone of the program’s success.  Personally, I consistently look to challenge myself and move forward in my life.  When I hit my ceiling, I worked with a Certified High Performance Coach and experienced this amazing transformation.  Through the coaching process new opportunities opened up, I found clarity and renewed energy.  I knew what habits to implement to move towards my dreams.  I discovered my purpose and enjoyed waking up every day knowing I’m working towards my mission.  Since I truly believe in the High Performance Coaching program and understand how powerful it is, I got certified as a High Performance Coach myself.  I’m proud to be one of 200 elite High Performance Coaches. 

(Coaching Graduation, Photo with Brendon Burchard, Founder & CEO High Performance Institute) 

About Rocketing Life…

As a woman, who spend her career in financial services internationally as well as on Wall Street, I understand what it takes to thrive and succeed in the most competitive industry. My company, Rocketing Life LLC, provides mentoring, coaching and success strategies for professional women. Our programs accelerate women in life and business. We are proud to serve clients internationally across all industries.

Sabina Reinhardt 

Founder & CEO Rocketing Life LLC, Certified High Performance Coach™

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